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Thank you for another great year for the Flags of Honor

Upcoming Programs

9/28 – John Craddock – ‘White River Conservation’
10/5 – Akilah Shukura, Director, Muncie Public Library
10/12 – Frank Baldwin, Executive Director, Muncie Mission
10/19 – Scott Rutledge, PhD, MSW, Dean, BSU College of Health

Who We Are

The Exchange Club’s core values are family, community, and country. Its members support activities that benefit youth, promote pride in our country, and honor military and public service providers through the four programs of service — Americanism, community service, youth programs, and the prevention of child abuse.

Programs of Service


promotes pride in our country, appreciation for the freedoms granted to American citizens, and gratitude to the men and women who serve/have served in the Armed Forces. Americanism celebrates the country’s rich, unique heritage and inspires unity.

Youth Activities

are crucial to the education and development of Muncie’s young people — its most precious resource. The Muncie Exchange Club seeks to make a difference for America’s youngest generations.

Community Service

provides the vital connection between the Muncie Exchange Club and the hours and dollars they devote to organizations and programs that serve their neighbors every day. The Club identifies needs within Muncie/Delaware County and offers assistance to fill gaps in services.

Child Abuse Prevention

is the major focus of the National Exchange Club. Each year, the local Muncie Club helps distribute and set up yard signs and blue pinwheels throughout Delaware County to increase awareness about this social crisis. The pinwheels reflect the bright future all children deserve and is a positive emblem of the effect we can have when we work together to prevent child abuse.

Over 100 Years of Service

The Exchange Club of Muncie has a proud history of educational programs and fellowship for its members, and service to the community. Its distinguished record of community service is the result of loyal, hard-working, and dedicated members who have provided leadership and have embraced the goals of Exchange.

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