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A strong America, safe communities, and unified people.


Exchange, inspiring communities to become better places to live.

Core Values

Family, Community, Country.


Unity for Service.

About Us

The Exchange Club of Muncie was founded in 1921. It is one of more than 630 local clubs throughout the United States and Puerto Rico that provide individuals with opportunities to use their time and talents to benefit their local communities and the country as a whole. Exchange’s Core Values are family, community, and country. Its members support activities that benefit youth, promote pride in our country, and honor military and public service providers through the four programs of service — Americanism, community service, youth programs, and the prevention of child abuse.

The Exchange Club of Muncie meets every Thursday (except for holidays) from 11:30 to 1:00 at the Knights of Columbus Building, 3600 West Purdue Ave., Muncie, Indiana. Speakers at each meeting educate the Club’s members about their community and other topics of interest. If you wish to join us in helping improve our community, please go to the Contact page on this website for further information.

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