Golf Charity Tournament at The Clubhouse@Accutech

The Exchange Club of Muncie kicked off the Golf Charity Tournament at The Clubhouse@Accutech on Feb. 1, 2024. With the help of The Clubhouse, the tournament will run through the month of February. Further information can be found on this website and/or Facebook site. The guest speaker for the luncheon was Daniel Gurule from the Erskine-Green Training Institute (EGTI). EGTI is based at the Courtyard at Marriot in downtown Muncie. Mr. Gurule explained how EGTI helps people with disabilities acquire life skills and job training to become productive and valued members of society. The results of the education and training are extraordinary! The Club members were happy to hear about this unique resource doing such wonderful work in our community. Both the Exchange Club and the Erskine-Green Training Institute are fulfilling the mission of inspiring Muncie to become a better place to live.

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